“Clinical Commissioning Group demands change to earlier headline”



Owl has received an email from a spokesperson from the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group which says:

“The Sunday Times headline which you have copy-and-pasted [on Sunday 26 April] is incorrect in that it states hospitals have ‘no gowns’. This is not true. Unless you can evidence your headline, which is not supported by the copy-and-pasted story, please amend it. You may or may not have noticed that later editions of the Sunday Times used a re-written story and headline.”

Owl was one of many news outlets that carried this story and is pleased to see that the CCG reads our blog.

Owl has found the post of the precautionary advertisement [20 April] for: boiler suits, lab coats, painting suits, chemical suits and disposable (or washable) overall with full length sleeves, on the Torquay Chamber of Commerce website, quoting the Devon CCG contact.


Happily, as Owl posted yesterday, the situation in Devon has improved: “Stocks of protective gowns for frontline NHS workers in Devon have improved since an appeal went out for urgent supplies…. it is understood the appeal was a precautionary step at a time when there was heightened concern over a potential shortage of gowns in the middle of April, which has now eased.

None of the items listed in the advertisement have been issued to NHS staff.”