Cranbrook community hub with library, café, nursing space, youth centre & games area proposed

A new community building boasting a library and café, youth centre and games area is proposed in the first plans for a long-awaited town centre in Cranbrook. (Outline plans of location shown in online link below)

Daniel Clark 

Devon County Council (DCC) has revealed outline proposals that also feature a children’s centre and public health nursing provision for the plot off Tillhouse Road and Cedar Close.

The ‘Cranbrook Community Building’ hub would house four of the authority’s service providers in a single place.

A small café would also feature in the library.

The children’s centre and public health nursing would share facilities, while the youth centre will provide indoor and outdoor recreational spaces including a multi-use games area.

It would only be a short walk away from the only building that has been so far been provided in the town centre -the Cranberry Farm pub.

Talks are under way for a Morrisons supermarket in the new town.

A planning statement with the application says: “The purpose of the Cranbrook Community Building is to provide community access to the facilities provided by Devon County Council.

“It provides suitably located and integrated indoor and outdoor space allowing service providers and Cranbrook residents to avail of social, leisure, health and community facilities.

“This location is considered appropriate for the facilities to be provided within the building for the residents of Cranbrook.”

DCC’s application is only in outline form and further, detailed proposals will need to be submitted and approved.

The trigger point for the provision of the children’s centre– 2,000 home occupations – was met last year.

This meant a consortium of developers in Cranbrook were required to construct the facility no later than June 2021.

The existing planning agreement also requires them to provide town council offices in the town centre by the same date.

Youth facilities and a library are required when the 3,450th home is occupied, but that is not expected to be until 2025.

The land earmarked for Cranbrook town centre.

DCC last autumn unanimously agreed to renegotiate the agreement so that the multi-purpose building could be built sooner than initially required.

The council’s own development management committee will determine the fate of the applicat


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