Honiton Town Council loses another member in latest shock announcement

The latest in a string of resignations at Honiton Town Council comes as Jason Hannay announced that he is stepping away from council business.

Hannah Corfield  honiton.nub.news 

In an email sent yesterday evening (May 11) to council members and the press; Jason expressed his frustration at what he calls a ‘dysfunctional’ group, which ‘lacks progression’ and ‘real community involvement’.

He wrote: “I do not feel that this council’s stronghold has the spirit and wellbeing of the community at heart.

“In the months that I have been co-opted I can say that certain councillors will not get involved with the community unless invited, obliged to or because of money issues.

“I understand that a council must be very careful about how and where they spend the money, however I would have thought that money should be spent going forward; not digging up past issues, forcing legal fees and continuously looking for the next legal battle.

“I have my reasons for thinking and openly saying that this council is dysfunctional and this current crisis has highlighted just how bad it really is.

“We have been given permission to hold council meetings via online software, but some members have refused point-blank.

“In the current pandemic; I would have thought, in the interest of helping community groups and continuing council business, this would be a must.

“I can see why people in the past have resigned; as there are hidden agendas, personal attacks, camouflaged school boy bullying and power tripping individuals.

“I have not experienced this personally, but can assure you I have witnessed it.

“The way that some councillors conduct themselves is toxic and makes a difficult situation for progression.

“I joined the council to make a difference for all. I’ve been involved with many great things in this town, a majority of it down to the rugby club.

“I thought that bringing the same positivity, energy and enthusiasm onto the council would be welcomed.

“But that positivity, energy and enthusiasm is just being drained for all the wrong reasons.

“This council really needs to understand that this town is tired of power hungry individuals and the continuous need for legal battles and fees!”

He added: “The ladies and gents working in the Honiton Town Council offices are an absolute credit to Honiton and I hope to work together again.

“Great things are coming for our community, and that is where you’ll find me.”