All you need to know about LINO

A correspondent reveals all you need to know about Lino:

Lino has been around for countless years and the high quality version has durability and a general lifespan of well over 40 years. However, lower graded lino is prone to wear and tear and it has often been used as a stop-gap measure until a better option can be afforded.

Nowadays, when everyone is looking to be environmentally friendly, lino seems an all natural, green, product. It is excellent at holding its original colour, which permeates entirely throughout but it is susceptible to yellowing with exposure. It comes in various colour options but care must be taken with colour choice to ensure it will stand the test of time and is exactly to your taste.

It has long been known that lino can spell potential disaster if it is not installed correctly and some find it too high maintenance because it requires regular polishing and buffing to achieve the required finish.

Although many believe that no one chooses lino anymore – a few have championed its revival but the majority are looking for a stronger product that they can trust.

(In Owl’s experience Lino also hardens and tends to crack with age.)