Biggest daily rise of confirmed coronavirus in Plymouth since the first week of May

Owl hopes this reflects an increase in testing, rather than any underlying increase. However, the Covid-19 symptom tracker app is showing that the national estimated symptom rate, which had been falling, has now levelled off.

Owl, ever vigilant, is watching the estimated symptom rates for: East Devon; Torbay: South Hams and North Devon. There have been small upticks in some of these districts, which may not be statistically significant, since locked down was eased.

Five new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Plymouth

There has been a rise in confirmed cases of Coronavirus across Devon and Cornwall, it has been confirmed.

The latest figures from Public Health England take the number of confirmed cases of the virus in the Devon County Council area to over 800, and the number of positive cases in Plymouth to over 350.

Today’s figures confirm five new cases for Plymouth, the biggest daily rise since the first week of May. There have now been 353 confirmed cases in the city.

Most recent data shows there have now been 564 confirmed cases in Cornwall, and 802 for the Devon County Council area.

In Devon the number is up by 11, with just three new outbreaks in Cornwall.

In Torbay, the number has stayed at 221, with no new cases reported since last Friday.

The latest figures show 14 new cases across Devon and Cornwall combined.

The counties have now had 1,940 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The new figures come as the number of deaths across all of Devon and Cornwall’s hospitals has stayed the same.

While across England a further 166 people have died after testing positive, the latest figures show there have been no new confirmed COVID019 associated deaths for hospitals in Devon and Cornwall.

However, there have been four new confirmed deaths in the South West region, which includes Bath, Wiltshire, Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Devon and Dorset.