Covid-19 changes in estimated symptom rates since Boris eased travel

In view of the flare of Covid admissions to Weston Hospital, North Somerset reported in an earlier post, Owl is publishing Covid-19 Tracker App estimates of community symptoms rates for four rather different coastal districts in Devon, including East Devon. This table shows the estimated rates on 13 May, the day Boris Johnson unexpectedly said people could travel unlimited distances to their favourite beauty spots, and today. Owl doesn’t really know how statistically significant these changes are. North Somerset is showing 1% at the moment. Since 13 May, Torridge to the West of North Devon, briefly flared to 1.1%. 

Need to keep an eye on these.

           13 May               25 May       
North Devon             0.3%             0.7%
South Hams             0.6%             0.5%
Torbay             0.5%             0.3%
East Devon             0.5%             0.7%

Covid-19 Symptom Tracker App estimated symptom rates