One Rule For Us and One Rule For Them!!

From a correspondent – these comments reflect a deep frustration about the state of governance from top to bottom.

One Rule For Us and One Rule For Them!!

At this unprecedented time, when the Coronavirus has affected the majority of people’s lives around the world, many listened, on Sunday, to Boris Johnson, unconvincingly, trying to defend his senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, for breaking lockdown rules by travelling 260 miles from London to Durham.

The whole nation has being caged in their homes for, what has seemed, an intolerable amount of weeks to follow the Government’s rules to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Saves Lives – so a large number will have concluded that there are those who follow the rules – to avoid lawlessness and anarchy in our societies – and there are those who do not – by continuously flouting explicit regulations and principles that govern our conduct and procedures!

Serious rule breakers who violate the laws and rules in our societies are controlled by the threat of injunctions, penalties and fines and in the most serious cases – imprisonment – but it has become apparent that many in the upper echelons of officialdom do not think that the rules apply to them! This model is then imitated by others in every walk of life by continuing the philosophy of ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’, with egocentric attitudes displaying ‘rules are made to be broken’ outlooks.

It is now time to ‘get off this soapbox’, cease preaching to the converted and continue with an objection to East Devon District Council Planners about the Developers, Burrington Estates. Not only are they ignoring national and local planning rules, by proposing building on green fields and high risk flood zones at Winslade Park, Clyst St Mary, in their latest planning application (20/1001/MOUT) – but they are significantly altering their development plans after a Public Consultation exhibition to now substantially increase green field development. In addition to this they are now proposing more than trebling residential numbers (on the previously developed brownfield areas) from 14 traditional homes (shown at the Public Consultation) to now be replaced by a block of 59 towering three-storey apartments, overlooking the historic Grade II Listed Manor House on one elevation and existing homes in Clyst St Mary on the other!

Hmmm . . . obviously the rules don’t apply to them!!