Is this the reason why the EDDC meeting crashed? Conservatives swearing?

As one comment has already observed:

“Was an interesting meeting until it crashed. However shows how democracy in EDDC works when you listen to the comments from councillors, during the vote, who had forgotten to mute their microphones.”

Another has pointed out

“Chaos… thanks to Conservative swearing,  YouTube’s Terms of Service were violated. Thereafter, once the feed was cut, the meeting was no longer lawful…

When you think the Tories have taken us to a new low…. they manage to dig even deeper…”

Owl heard the swearing when an unexpected (to the Conservative cause) abstention was announced and also, regrettably, when Paul Arnott was nominated.

At least one of the voices was identifiable, he should be ashamed of himself. This behaviour needs to go to the standards committee PDQ.

The previous vote to have a vote shows that the Conservatives have lost it.

Post updated at 20:56

Owl hopes that the remaining votes can be ratified as a matter of urgency so a new administration can get to work, rather than re-run the meeting.

Owl now understands that the remaining votes are to be ratified at a meeting at 1100 tomorrow after which the new Leader will announce his deputy and the Cabinet