Comment on Tories near-hysterical reaction to change

As a correspondent points out:

Is “Business as Usual” compatible with the “New Normal”?  Does age confer wisdom?

It seems that, since the regime change at East Devon District Council last week, the district’s minority-group Tory councillors (just 19 out of 60) has developed a near-hysterical reaction to the change.

Their first reaction is that no change should be made while Covid 19 is a major problem.

This is weird – because, up to now, all decisions on Covid 19 have been made either by officers (administering local grants and loans from national sources) and Ben Ingham’s dysfunctional Cabinet – which had only been in power for one year!  During that one year, the last six months saw the fracturing of support for Ingham and the threat of a Conservative-led vote of o confidence in him.  Is this the “continuity” the Tories desired?  What exactly has been their winning formula for dealing with Covid 19.  Most initiatives have been local, non-political ones – uniting people rather than dividing them on party lines – surely the correct approach.

Secondly, as one who watched the 3 chaotic meetings last week, one theme kept cropping up from Tory apologists as a reason they (and their mates) should once again rule the roost – because they always have done.

Little nuggets such as:

–    Moulding should be Leader because he has spent 33 years on the council, he’s done some voluntary work and that he could be trusted because he’s an obsessive cricket fan (Somerset!) and so would naturally “play fair”.  Anyone remembering the shennanigans over planning at Millway Rise can surely put paid to that one!

–    A remark that Stuart Hughes should remain Chairman because he also serves on Devon County Council.  That one can be shot down with one word “Potholes”!  And there are rumblings that Mr Hughes is seen more often in Yeovil than in Sidmouth these days …..

It seems that Tories –  decimated at the election last year simply cannot accept that the district voted them OUT.  They cannot conceive of anything other than being IN.

In, out, in out – shake it all about … that’s what people voted for and that is what has finally been achieved.  Suck it up, Tories!  It’s the “new normal” in district politics!