Can you spot one-time “independent” Leader of East Devon District Council – Ben Ingham

Where do we now find “Independent” Cllr. Ben Ingham? And are we surprised?

Has he now set his eyes on the County Council elections next year?

For those unfamiliar with the twists and turns of East Devon local politics, Owl provides a short synopsis.

In May 2019 the Conservatives lost their majority in the East Devon District Council.

Ben Ingham the official Leader of the opposition, prior to the election, and the group of councillors he recruited as “Independents” formed an arrangement, compact, alliance, partnership or whatever (Owl uses the term coalition) with the Conservatives in order to achieve a working majority.

This started to break down last September as, one by one those councillors who felt this compromised the independent line they had used in campaigning for votes, left.

Since then these councillors have organised themselves into a new set of alliances which EDDC Officers describe as political groupings as opposed to parties.

Now you can only find your Councillor alphabetically or by political party or by ward and also by their affiliation to one of these groups.

The following “find your councillor page” of the EDDC website, helpfully lists all Councillors by their “group” affiliation.

Where do you now find “Independent” Cllr. Ben Ingham?

One thought on “Can you spot one-time “independent” Leader of East Devon District Council – Ben Ingham

  1. So really not Independent at all in spite of what voters were given to believe. Just “independent” in order to get elected in spite of an unpopular Conservative government, and lead the council.
    Liz Pole, Labour


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