Dominic Cummings sets up panel of “experts” to advise on radical reform of planning laws

Owl wonders how many readers will have followed this correspondent’s example and written to their MP?

See East Devon Watch article

From a correspondent to their MP (not Jupp):

I have been alarmed to read in the last couple of days, news that there are plans being laid out at the moment to divert planning decisions from local councils to business groups owned by the government; or as the Times describes it;  ‘Jenrick and Johnson’s senior aide, Dominic Cummings, have set up a panel of experts to advise on radical reforms to planning laws that will hand control of decisions from local councils to development corporations owned by the government’ – The Sunday Times, June 7th.

Taking planning decisions away from democratically elected bodies who have sworn to represent their constituents and instead giving it to private individuals and business people obviously completely undermines the democratic process and further alienates local communities and people.  Allowing those with pecuniary interests to be in charge of decision making is quite frankly, very disturbing indeed and risks not only the role of local government, but also the countryside, the environment, our local economy which depends on tourism, our children’s health which depends on clean air, our biodiversity, our history, our faith in government and the democratic principle etc etc.  I cannot think of a worse way to solve the housing crisis than to give it to an opaque body with very vested interests.

I appeal to you as our representative at parliament and someone who has shown themselves willing to listen to local people, to raise this issue at Parliament with great urgency as once this has gone through, all our communities, towns, villages and countryside will be at risk.