“Changing of the Guard” at East Devon District Council – Act V – the final Act

(Or how the Conservatives with only one third of the Council seats tried to retain power for ever and ever. A comic tragedy in five parts.)

Extraordinary Virtual meeting of Council, Council – Wednesday, 24th June, 2020 6.00 pm

Readers may recall that Conservative Cllr and Council Chairman “We plan anywhere” Stuart Hughes took the opportunity provided by a change in legislation by the government to prematurely cancel the annual council meeting. This decision has created the need for five extraordinary general meetings at a time of crisis to do the same business (the five acts in this comic tragedy). 

Act I – where a meeting had to be held to decide to have a meeting to vote a new Leader.

Act II – where the meeting to elect a new Leader crashed when Conservative Cllr. “expletive deleted” Tom Wright swore on open mic causing You Tube to pull the plug with only a few votes left to be cast. (Someone has to play the role of wicked uncle).

Act III – where Cllr Paul Arnott and Cllr Eileen Wragg were elected Leader and Deputy Leader.

Act IV – where Cllr Cathy Gardner and Cllr Val Ranger were elected Council Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Act V – where the council will consider Governance Arrangements and committee appointments for the remainder of the Civic Year (2020/21) [The key appointments directing the way ahead]

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