Prime Minister urged to build 30,000 retirement homes 

Boris Johnson looks set to prioritise house building to help boost economic recovery.

But in a letter to the Prime Minister, policy group Homes for Later Living warns that “the recovery drive will be running on empty if the Government doesn’t take urgent action to help the millions of people who want to downsize”.

The letter signed by John Tonkiss (McCarthy & Stone), Spencer J McCarthy (Churchill Retirement Living) and Mark Dickinson (Lifestory Group) sets out the social and economic benefits of building 30,000 new retirement properties a year.

It argues specialist retirement housing must be central to efforts to get the housing market restarted, while also helping ensure that vulnerable people are better protected against future pandemics.

Prioritising a proportion of new homes for an ageing population would stimulate transactions throughout the housing market, helping young families and first-time buyers move onto and up the ladder.

It would also generate savings to the NHS and social care services of £3,500 per person per year as people in specialist retirement properties are less likely to be admitted to hospital and require further care than people in mainstream housing.

This means that building 30,000 more retirement housing dwellings every year for the next 10 years would generate estimated savings across the NHS and social services of £1.4bn per year within a decade.

“Building more specialist retirement housing would be a win-win for the Government.

“It would unlock the housing market, helping older people, young families and first-time buyers. It would also assist with attempts to fix the social care crisis once and for all,” say the housing bosses.

“With the number of older people in England growing significantly, the time to act is now.

“The Government has given the housing market the green light to get moving again and we welcome this. But the risk is that the recovery drive will be running on empty if we don’t take urgent action to help the millions of people who actively want to downsize.”

3 thoughts on “Prime Minister urged to build 30,000 retirement homes

  1. We all know of a minister who would be delighted to take that project on – he has all the experience, all the contacts and is a dab hand at moving things along quickly for the developers. It seems there is nothing he doesn’t know about handling the planning system! Lucky old Boris to have a trusted body ready and waiting to help out the developers once again.


  2. Now before anyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling thinking that , at last, developers have decided to consider the real needs of communities, – stop and do some research.
    There are financial benefits to developers who buy up land for retirement developments, care-homes, day-care centres.
    What proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy, if any, is a developer expected to stump up for such developments?
    If not the developer, who has to make up the shortfall?

    There are better ideas with far greater social and economic developments for those who really need them.

    Build housing which really IS affordable, directly aimed at first time buyers. On any new development, stop allowing developers to wriggle out of the percentage of affordable housing originally agreed in order to get the approval.
    Build social housing and homes designated for key-workers and their families.

    Such measures would help to rebalance the currently skewed age demograph in areas such as East Devon and address the appalling social inequality in our communities.

    The letter to the prime Minister from those three individuals on behalf of their companies is not about the needs of our nation but about personal gain and greed.


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