The Nightingale is welcome but doesn’t replace the need for our Community Hospitals.

From a Correspondent:

“It is welcome that the new Nightingale hospital will be used to test the backlog of worried sick cancer patients, but Matt Hancock has already stated it will also be used to relieve the winter pressures on the Royal Devon  and Exeter acute Hospital. Why on earth are they not reopening the beds in our excellent community hospitals, which are bedded in the communities they serve? As well as step down care they had a great reputation for end of life care close to home, where this was not suitable at home. As people near the end of life there should be a sensitive conversation about where they would prefer to die. Most would not choose  to die in an industrialised barracks. Ottery St. Mary hospital had an excellent reputation for end of life care. Simon Jupp, MP for East Devon had his photograph taken in front of Ottery Hospital which was used in his election publicity, yet in parliament last week in an exchange with Matt Contact  concerning the Exeter Nightingale Hospital he just smiled in agreement and made no case for our Community Hospitals.

I have an elderly relative with cancer who  is nearing the end of his life. He lives very close to Ottery Hospital. His wife, who does not drive, is also very elderly and has a catalogue of chronic health problems, would be unable to visit him in Exeter. Keeping the beds closed in our East Devon  towns  amounts to political dogma, while Matt Hancock presides over the ownership of  NHS Property Services.”

2 thoughts on “The Nightingale is welcome but doesn’t replace the need for our Community Hospitals.

  1. Yes I agree that it is good that a backlog of people awaiting cancer diagnosis and treatment will be managed at ‘the new ‘Nightingale’ hospital” in Exeter. and to be used similarly in other parts of country. This will be a great relief for those who are waiting in this backlog. But is there an agenda here? Is it get rid of beds and subsequently sell off all the community hospitals. Build a ‘Nightingale’ hospital on the cheap and Boris will tell us it is one of his ‘new hospital buildings’ on his list.

    Making relatives travel for such a long distance for end of life care and treatment for the elderly is so profoundly distressing for people. How do they get there? we have very poor public transport in East Devon. People needing to go to the new Nightingale hospital ( or Wonford) will then have to beg lifts from other people which brings them even more feelings of distress and guilt and worry. We all know that the community hospitals are without doubt the right way and they should be returned to us.

    I doubt that Simon Jupp cares, but like Boris, would do anything to get elected then forget about the people who put them there. Neil Parish is no different either; when will our MPs ever get to recognise that they should be working for the people in this country- not for themselves or the Tory party. They should speak up for us, that is why they are there.


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