A Correspodent comments on the GESP

“Is the Watch readership so gobsmacked with this plan that there is a great silence (no comments posted so far) or are they happy that East Devon will take the lion’s share of the GESP growth?

As I have written before “Has not East Devon sacrificed enough Grade 1 agricultural land to build Cranbrook? Were we not told that this sacrifice would be EDDC’s contribution to housing need?” Now if this plan were to go through we would lose more such land.

The EDDC Local Plan and GESP are based on a jobs led scenario. In EDDC’s case this assumed the creation of 950 jobs a year. Since the start of the plan job creation has been around a quarter of that. Now, with the pandemic recession it will take years to get our jobs back to what they were at the start of the plan in 2013.

Our focus now should be on the economy and job creation opportunities. We do not need to plan any more houses until that has been achieved.

The only people to win if this goes ahead are the landowners.

I urge our Council to see sense and firmly reject the GESP”


Owl recalls that the referenced post mentioned the enthusiasm of Conservative Cllr Philip Skinner for a “network of linked villages being built in the North West Quadrant area of East Devon. (Poltimore, Huxham, Clyst St Mary, Clyst St George, Ebford, West Hill, Woodbury​, Woodbury Salterton, Exton and Farringdon).

Last October EDDC’s  Strategic Planning Committee  unanimously recommended to the Cabinet that East Devon supports the Exeter and East Devon garden communities status (part of another Exeter driven development scheme).

Cllr. Philip Skinner was appointed by “Independent” Leader, now Conservative ex-leader, Cllr Ben Ingham to lead strategic planning with Independent Cllr Susie Bond.


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