Honiton developers ask to defer affordable housing contributions

The developers behind the Hayne Lane housing project have submitted requests to defer payments for affordable housing citing finical problems caused by the coronavirus.

What an unusual story: Developer pleading poverty to defer paying £0.5M S106 this year for affordable housing despite the payment being triggered by 100th occupation on the site (i.e. money in bank)! The need for affordable housing is surely more urgent than ever.

[Owl can’t really remember the last occasion when a developer built the full originally agreed quota of affordables either]

Initial planning approval for the 300-house residential development was granted in February 2015 with a section 106 agreement in place.

This agreement would have seen the developers pay £500,000 towards affordable housing this year as well as a £381,980 contribution to education and £105,000 contribution to a sports pitch next year.

The affordable housing contribution would have been triggered by the 100th occupation, which would likely have been this summer, but the developers have now asked to pay the contribution in two parts over the next two years.

The first would be a £200,000 contribution in September 2021 followed by the remaining £300,000 in September 2022.

A request has been made to delay the contribution towards education and the sports pitch until spring 2022.

East Devon District Council will take the final decision on the application.

One thought on “Honiton developers ask to defer affordable housing contributions

  1. In other words…

    A private sector company has made an application to defer payments and transfer the interest costs and risks to the public sector just because they fancy making a bit more profit and because they can.

    I thought that the whole point of leaving things to the private sector was so that they would own the risks.

    I do hope that the new EDDC administration has some backbone and at a minimum demands audited accounts that justify this if not rejecting it out of hand.


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