Claire Wright’s analyses of the fallacies and influences behind the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) 

 Proposals for thousands of houses in East Devon, as part of new plan to 2040


[Owl simply gives a taster to encourage readers to go to her blog. At last we are getting some transparency]

Clair: “A plan to build thousands of new houses across East Devon was unveiled last week, with proposals for specific areas in the county.

I have since spent time talking with strategic planning officers to try and understand the detail of the national policy driving this.

Strategic planning is technical and complicated and takes some learning. I was heavily involved in strategic planning while a councillor on East Devon District Council between 2011 and 2015, so I felt compelled to examine this new plan and its proposals.

I will endeavour to explain my findings below!”

This she does under the following headings. Owl’s view is that her “explanations” highlight the absurdity behind most of the policies and government diktats that will lead to a massive increase in house building in East Devon.

Government housing policy

Affordability uplift

Affordable/social housing element within GESP

Developers fund the Conservative Party

The employment land con

Police investigation into planning in East Devon, in 2013

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Who leads this work?

Green proposals


GESP timetable and supporting papers can be found here