Concerns farmers could struggle to compete post-Brexit

BBC Radio Cornwall

Concerns have been raised farmers in the South West could struggle to compete with cheap food imports as a result of post Brexit trade deals.

New legislation, the Agriculture Bill, described as the most important farming legislation in generations, is currently being scrutinised in the House of Lords.

But Alex Stevens, the regional policy manager for the South West at the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), said there were also concerns the bill would put some farmers at a disadvantage, and also affect standards of food and other products.

It’s about the standards, it’s also about things like access to products that are perhaps banned over here – sprays and herbicides, and things like that … The fear is that it could get much worse in some of these free trade deals that are being talked about.”

Alex StevensNFU

The government said it remained firmly committed to upholding our high environmental, food safety and animal welfare standards.