Is a new Littleham Community being created by stealth?

A correspondent has drawn Owl’s attention to ..

Has anybody noticed in the current planning applications validated EDDC week beginning 6 July that there is an entirely new whizz to build in the open countryside in the AONB? 

Westdown Farm Holiday Park, situated right next door to the larger Devon Cliffs Holiday Park in Exmouth has submitted an application to turn holiday accommodation (permitted in the countryside) into residential use (not usually permitted in the countryside) 20/1334/CPE. The Holiday Park has a licence to open from 1st March to 15th January but somehow 9 static homes have become primary residences for over 10 years. This has obviously not been policed and the Holiday Park now wishes to make this lawful and permanent.

The Holiday Park pleads that being situated next to the larger Caravan site it is not economically viable, but produces no evidence. Hence it wishes to change from holiday to permanent use – it could become a gold mine. As the applicant quotes in para. 3.1 of its D & A Statement: 

“Strategy 1 reviews the housing and business needs in East Devon. This relates to 17,100.00 new homes between 2013 and 2031 and 150 hectares of employment land. This provision is to be focused on the seven main towns of East Devon. Due to the sites close proximity to Exmouth’s Built-up Area Boundary and being on previously developed land it is considered a prime location to provide housing and business needs of which the proposal looks to provide.” 

There are 46 large, privately owned static homes paying site fees and rates on the site. Think of the precedence – firstly 46 new residential homes at Westdown Farm and then what would the adjacent Sandy Bay “…. one of the largest holiday  caravan parks in Europe “ do?

“Sustainability” is the cornerstone when judging any development – does this tick the boxes?