Reaction to last night’s historic EDDC vote from “Newton says No”

From Newton Says No Facebook page [Newton Abbot in Teignbridge]

STOP PRESS…. East Devon have just voted to exit the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. The GESP, a planning document dreamt up by the planning vandals of Teignbridge District Council, tying four authorities to build unsustainable housing based on the doubling of the size of the economy, is now hopefully dead in the water. The motion was put forward by a Eleanor Rylance (pictured), a Lib Dem who (unlike the Teignbridge Lib Dems) has the backbone to call out the GESP plan for being a post covid plan no longer valid. A point put forward to TDC last week by NSN Councillors Daws and Mullone, but ignored. Her motion was backed by the East Devon Alliance who thankfully now control East Devon as part of a Democratic Alliance. The EDA is a party that stood on the same ‘represent the residents’ platform as NSN, and is one election cycle ahead. It is also a party that was subject to sustained and unsubstantiated standards investigations when it was rising to power. Shame on the Teignbridge Lib Dems for running with the Conservatives GESP plan and bravo to East Devon for showing moral leadership. GESP is hopefully finished and we can now focus on a plan for the future. But don’t hold your breath. I am sure the Managing Directors, who treat our councils as fiefdoms in a ‘Dom Cumming’ fashion, will be frantically applying CPR tomorrow.