GSWS – Great South West Silence – are all the lines down?

From a Correspondent:

What on earth is going on with the Great South West?   Has it collapsed once again?  The website has once more become semi-derelict, with the twitter feed abandoned, no contact telephone number and nothing on the ‘News’ section for two months during the biggest economic crisis for 300 years.  Steve Hindley, Chair of GSW, is no doubt busy with his many other responsibilities, including leadership of the Midas Group construction company, but he has been notably absent from the media commentary circuit.

Yet again, the South West is without a voice as Britain’s other regions fight very publicly for recognition and support.    Whilst the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine dominate the airwaves, the Government must be grateful for GSWS, the Great South West Silence.

Many people believe that the South West will be hit especially hard by covid-19, given our dependence upon tourism and hospitality, the sector of the economy which is expected to be hit hardest by the pandemic.   Yet the region’s leadership seems to be in complete denial.   Maybe things will pick up when Great South West installs a telephone.