A Correspondent puts forward a more logical alternative for a Tipton Primary relocation

From a corespondent:

I have never understood why a new Primary School could not be accommodated within the village.

To me the logical solution is to build it broadly on the route of the old railway line and adjoining the Cricket Field.    The railway line does not flood, as far as I am aware, so all that is required is to extend its ‘footprint’ to accommodate the new school.

Immediately beside the school would then be the village hall, the public open space that is presently the cricket field, the tennis courts and a good quality play area.  Plus a car park, and footpath access, both north and south.

Financing the new building can at least be partly funded by selling both the sites currently in use.   The old school house would be quite valuable, and the newer ‘bungalow’ component can be developed as a nearby house has , by using ‘stilts’, etc.

It seems a shame to rip the heart out of the Tipton community by closing its school unnecessarily.  I doubt that it would have to be more than half the size of the one proposed by DCC.

A fine new school, sensitively designed, could be the centrepiece of a broader community development including a much-needed new clubhouse for the Cricket Club.