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‘Dead end’ £50m motorway junction unused because developers didn’t add link road

Charlotte Lam www.mirror.co.uk

A new £50m motorway junction in remains unusued eight months after it was ‘finished’ – because it leads to a dead end.

The M49 junction at Avonmouth, Bristol, was mostly completed last year, but developers have not built a local road to access the junction and link it to a distribution park, reports Bristol Live.

The two-bridge junction has been dubbed “the most expensive dead end” after works first began on the multi-million-pound project in 2017.

The distribution park, which the M49 motorway is supposed to connect to, hosts some of the country’s major companies, including Amazon and Tesco. It also has a distribution centre for Royal Mail.

The new M49 junction cannot be used yet (Image: Highways England)

The South Gloucestershire Council told Bristol Live that developer Delta Properties was responsible for building the connecting road to the junction.

“We have been working to influence and help facilitate construction of the link road and have been in contact with both the landowner and major employers in the area, seeking to ensure that the link is constructed in a timely manner,” a council spokesperson said.

Highways England said it has been working with the council to “progress discussions” with the developer.

The route doesn’t actually reach its business park destination

Its South-West Programme Leader, Colin Bird, said Highways England completed main construction on time to “allow local developers to connect the junction”.

Former distribution park worker, James Long, told the BBC the unbuilt road was a disgrace, forcing “thousands” of lorries to find an alternative route.

Once the linking road is built and the phase is complete, the junction will connect Avonmouth and the Severnside Enterprise Area from the motorway network.

The Mirror has contacted Delta Properties for comment.


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