Sasha Swire about to publish: “Diary of an MP’s Wife”

Wow – what revelations to come if this is an abysmal peek from Private Eye:

SASHA SWIRE, wife of former Tory MP Sir Hugo Swire, is about to publish her 500-page “secret diary” covering the past 20 years, billed by publisher Little, Brown as “searingly honest, wildly indiscreet and often uproarious”.

Anyone writing about Diary of an MP’s Wife for the Mail titles may need to tiptoe round some of the indiscretions, such as Swire’s account of Lady Rothermere showing her round Feme House, the Rothermeres’ Palladian-style £40m mansion in Wiltshire. “I say ‘their’ house but of course Jonathan is some sort of non-dom so it’s actually Claudia’s,” Swire writes, “which she takes great pleasure in telling us.”

Lady Rothermere’s chief obsession, when not monitoring her husband’s assets, is the Chalke Valley history festival, which she helps to run. Swire describes milady’s arrival at the festival in 2018 “looking like a character straight out of a Jilly Cooper novel in tight white riding breeches. She is her usual regal self.”

She invites Swire’s companions, including cabinet minister Michael Gove, to drinks at Feme House. They dutifully trudge off to pay court — only to be snubbed. The Rothermeres “came down from their bedroom halfway through, said their hellos and then disappeared again”.

[Sasha Swire is the Daughter of Sir John Knott (former Secretary of Defence) and his Slovenian wife Miloska]