Sasha Swire’s Sensational Secret Diaries – which local councillors are the “Toilet Seats”

[Owl can make an educated guess but doesn’t want to spoil the fun for readers.]

Sasha Swire on the Camerons, Boris and her sensational secret diaries

Decca Aitkenhead (a short extract from her interview published in the Sunday Times Magazine)

Two thoughts occur within minutes of picking up Diary of an MP’s Wife. The first is that this is clearly a spoof — probably written by the creators of The Thick of It, or if not then Yes, Minister. The second is: if Sasha Swire really did write this, she has amazingly forgiving friends.

Lady Swire is gloriously rude about almost everyone in the Tory circles she has shared for 20 years. Theresa May is Old Ma May, the former chancellor is Boy George, the foreign secretary is Raab C Brexit. A pair of diligent local councillors are referred to as “toilet seats”, and her close friend Amber Rudd’s dress sense is despaired of. One entry achieves a simultaneous swipe at the wives of both Michael Gove and David Cameron. “Poor old Sarah Gove, who bends over backwards to please the Camerons, was lumbered with cooking all the food while Samantha was upstairs learning to cut patterns (she wants to set up a fashion business). She then had her hair done! Turning up at her own party feeling perfectly relaxed while Sarah is laden down with dishes of fish pie she has herself cooked.” When Cameron, Swire’s great friend, arrives at her Devon manor house, he spots one of her barns and exclaims: “You could put a snooker table in there!” As the prime minister walks on she mutters witheringly to her husband: “So home counties.”

So when we sit down to lunch and she tells me the story of how her private diary came to be published, one of my first questions is naturally: at what point did she contact everyone who appears in it, to request their permission? She stares across the soup at me in surprise. “Oh, I haven’t done that.” She didn’t even tell her husband, she adds, until a publishers’ bidding war was already under way…………………………………

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  1. I don’t know how the above comment posted in my name appeared, but I must make it clear that I did NOT post it and do not agree with the sentiment (or the punctuation). I would like it removed, please.
    Martin Shaw


  2. Owl publishes extracts from these diaries because they illustrate the attitudes of a certain class of the “Entitled Establishment” towards the “Little People”. Unfortunately, this attitude is alive, flourishing and affecting us in everyday life.


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