Did your MP vote to break international law? (Yes)

Did your MP vote to break international law?

Many senior Tories did not vote, and two Conservative MPs rebelled in the first Commons division on Boris Johnson’s internal market bill, which would give ministers the power to break international law

Seán Clarke www.theguardian.com

Internal market bill, second reading

First vote on the PM’s controversial Brexit bill

Interactive list here

Both Simon Jupp and Neil Parish voted to break the law – Owl


One thought on “Did your MP vote to break international law? (Yes)

  1. It may not have occurred to Simon Jupp that this country will soon need to enter into profoundly challenging international treaties concerned with climate change and biodiversity issues – and I think as survivals go, surely humankind must rate above Boris Johnson. The current shitshow does not inspire confidence this is the case. The man-child in number 10 cannot it seems, in spite of people telling him to his face, accept his obvious limitations as an adult, let alone as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So this is no time for being simple Simon – at least join the Tories Who Can Think contingent in parliament and vote for the coming amendment that might restore some sort of oversight to the government’s planned illegalities. That, or join the list of Lost Cause MPs that East Devon has suffered these many years.


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