Anxious seven days for local Tory “Foot Soldiers” 

24 September is the publication date for Sasha’s Swire’s “Secret Diaries” when we get to read her indiscreet descriptions of those Hugo comes into contact with as an MP, rather than extracts.

This quote is attributed to Sarah Vine (aka Mrs Gove):

“And I must confess I rather enjoy her breezy, unself-conscious style: there aren’t many MPs’ wives who would dare describe the party’s foot soldiers as ‘toilet seats’.”

Any local Tory “Foot Soldier” who was “fortunate” enough to have attended a social gathering with the Swires, especially the favoured few who got invited to dine with them, could now feature in the book.

The problem for them is: do they get a “personal” mention, likely to be less than flattering; are they grouped under the blanket description of “Toilet Seats”; or are they simply ignored?

Which is the worst fate?

Obvious candidate names spring to Owl’s mind, including: Paul Diviani, Sarah Randall-Johnson, Christine Channon, Stuart Hughes, Andrew Moulding, Philip Skinner, Alison Hernandez, Jill Elson, John Hart……….(readers can make up their own list).