The Boys Are Back In Town – A Singalong with Swire 

>> Boys club <<
A singalong with Swire
 Sasha Swire’s tell-all diaries have caused a bit of a splash in Westminster this week, embarrassing almost every top-flight Tory minister of the last ten years – with the notable exception of her husband. So allow us.

In 2012, Hugo Swire (then-Minister Of State for Northern Ireland) was invited as a guest of honour to attend an Old Etonians In Ireland lunch. Those present have a very vivid memory of the speech he gave.

Using a portable CD player, kitted out with tinny-sounding speakers, Hugo began blasting out Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town. Then, as the chorus kicked in, he started calling out the names of prominent Old Etonians and listing their current positions in public life, all while singing along to the refrain.

“David Cameron, Prime Minister… The boys are back in town! / Boris Johnson, Mayor of London… The boys are back in town! / Prince William and Prince Harry… The boys are back in town! (The boys are back in town!) / Tom Hiddleston… The boys are back in town!”

Congratulations to Sasha for out-Popbitching Popbitch by getting the following description of Michael Gove’s knob in print: “Like a slinky that comes down the stairs before the rest of the body”.