On Simon Jupp: “they [the Tories] would have been better off with Iggy Pop in my opinion”

Guess who gave us these piercing quotes about leading local Tories?

[Full quote] Of the selection of Simon Jupp: “If they wanted someone charismatic, which is what I think they tried to do, they would have been better off with Iggy Pop in my opinion. People would be able to relate to him more than a DJ from Plymouth.“

The same source also thought Geoffrey Cox, MP for West Devon and Torridge, “needs to be questioned now and again, I think he’s a bit too full of himself for my liking.”

No, not  Sasha Swire this time but our “born again Conservative” Ben Ingham just a year ago in November 2019 when he was contemplating running for parliament. 

Imagine Owl’s astonishment to hear that the Conservatives are considering him as a potential candidate to run as a County Councillor next May!

Owl is not at all surprised that Ben has ambition to be a County Councillor. No doubt sees himself as a future leader. But are the Tories really that desperate?

Owl understands that he had a recent shot at the Exmouth and Budleigh Coastal Division but lost out to that old stalwart, sitting tenant and strong advocate for Jupp, Christine Channon.

Watching them vote is excruciating” 

Sasha Swire describes the voting procedure at the “Fuhrerbunker” of a local Conseravtive AGM (West Hill) in this manner:  “Watching them vote is excruciating – some unable to lift hands, others shaking one using one arm to raise the other – a portrait of our current membership”. More specifically on Budleigh: “No more than 20 in the hall. Jeremy asks for apologies, Jill Elson says my sister as she is stuck in Tesco’s.”

This time the meeting would have had to be held online and Owl imagines the logging on process for members might have been a bit taxing and taken a long time, as would the voting process. Owl even wonders whether there was any time left for the candidates to present their “credentials” before bedtime. (Alas, there are no voting figures available).

Owl suggests Ben has a pop nearer to his home patch where he might achieve better name recognition – how about the Exmouth Division (which includes Lympstone and Woodbury)? He might unseat the current DCC Vice Chair, Councillor Jeffrey Trail!

Or maybe it’s time to change political colour again.

Laurence Fox has just launched a new political party to “reclaim” British values from politicians, who he says have “lost touch with the people”.