Honiton Town Council issues statement addressing ‘misconceptions within the community’

Honiton Town Council has issued a statement in which it seeks to address ‘current misperceptions within the community’.

[Not sure that Owl is much wiser as a result]

Hannah Corfield honiton.nub.news 

It states that the Council is ‘aware of a petition requesting that Councillors resign and accepts that those who have signed are exercising their democratic rights but that it does not agree with the arguments raised’.

It goes on to confirm that ‘Councillors will continue to work for the best interests of the Town, and will not be resigning’.

“The claim brought by Honiton Town Council against Bailey Partnership was based on legal advice received,” the statement continues.

“The decision not to pursue further litigation against Bailey Partnership was made by Full Council at their meeting on Monday, 12 October.

“Honiton Town Council has always supported Honiton Community Complex (the Beehive). The Beehive building is there, built by the Council and it has been positive for the Town.

“The funding of the Beehive is a complex issue, but one which Honiton Town Council is endeavouring to resolve.

“Honiton Town Council is working on projects for the benefit of Honiton.

“Honiton Town Council acknowledges there have been problems related to staffing, but we anticipate many of those problems will be resolved in the next few months.

“Actions were further delayed for a variety of reasons, mainly Covid-19, but we are now moving ahead at speed to resolve these issues.

“At all times, should any person have any queries or wishes to discuss in detail any action taken by Honiton Town Council, they should not hesitate to contact either the Deputy Town Clerk or any one of the Town Councillors, whose contact details can be found here on the Honiton Town Council website.