Health hub, Marc Jobson: We don’t know everything

In his latest column, Budleigh health and wellbeing hub manager Marc Jobson is urging people to help guide how they move forward

[Does this mean what they are doing isn’t working? – Owl]


The Budleigh Hub operates in Woodbury, Exmouth, Budleigh and surrounding villages helping those communities to live longer, healthier lives.

We have been running exercise classes for all abilities, bringing isolated and lonely people together and sharing best practice with local organisations and charities for over three years.

We like to think we know what we are doing.

But the truth is we don’t.

We can try and get inside the head of someone who hasn’t talked to anyone for over a week because their relatives live elsewhere and their neighbours are busy living their own lives to worry about theirs.

We can try and understand what it is like to live alone.

We can try and imagine how it feels to fall regularly because your muscles are wasting away.

We can try, but don’t really know.

That is why we are asking for your insight and experiences to guide how we move forward to help our community.

What practical help can we offer you? How can we help your neighbour? What would make your relative to live a better, fulfilled, healthier life?

Throughout November we will be listening to what you what you have to say.

These conversations will shape our services accordingly in future.

Come and tell us at our engagement event at Budleigh Town Hall on the morning of November 4, email or call 446896 with your thoughts.

Be part of the future.

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