If not now, when will you respond to a national planning review?



We need you to use the next few days to make sure you respond to the Government’s Planning White Paper consultation. The deadline is 11.45pm on October 29th. Numbers counts, Numbers matter.  To help stimulate your own thinking, you can read some of the draft responses that we have been sent so far: 

We will publish a full list of all civic societies that respond on this page as we are informed. Do let us know if you are submitting a response by emailing us at info@civicvoice.org.uk.

Even if you do not feel as though you can respond to every question, that’s fine, but we need every civic society to make a representation about the following three points:

  •  We welcome the opportunity for earlier and more meaningful engagement, but not at the expense of reducing the right for communities to make representations at a later stage.
  • We welcome aspirations for best in class engagement, but this means following through with meaningful time and a meaningful role.
  • We welcome the implementation of digital for consultation, but we cannot replace or remove physical consultation

If you do not respond to this consultation, yet to Government takes forward its reforms, can you really challenge them in the future?

  • If you need support in responding, do let us know via info@civicvoice.org.uk.

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