Winslade Manor: application amended yet again, these to be discussed at Parish Council Monday 2 Nov

Owl has heard  from the Chairman of Save Clyst St Mary that the applicant has submitted further amendments to the controversial Winslade Manor development. These are to be discussed by the Bishop’s Court Parish Council next Monday 2 November.

The Chairman writes:

Despite all the amendments that the applicant has submitted it has many areas that don’t appear to follow the National Planning Policy Framework Guidance. The Burrington Estates Chairman was one of the four significant people that wrote the guidance and advised the Government on its contents. It’s a real pity that the company he works for doesn’t follow the guidance that he wrote!

The latest amendments have removed the commercial units that were planned for zone B and replaced the area with car parking in a high risk flood zone. We wonder where everyone will park when the area floods!

Zone D (the area backing on to the bottom of Clyst Valley Road) has been split into two buildings enlarged in length and partillary reduced in height. The number of apartments still remains the same at 40. Should this be approved the houses at the bottom of Clyst Valley Road will become significantly overlooked and there remains the possibility that applicants can use Government legislation to increase the height by a further two storeys with permitted development.

The Parish Council has arranged to discuss the latest amendments on Monday 2nd of November at 7.30. Should you want to listen or to/// speak you will need to register with the Parish Clerk (The details are on the Parish Council website) 

The amendments for Planning Application 20/1001/MOUT can be viewed on EDDC’s Planning website here.