Jupp jumps – predictably

“Another full national lockdown ‘simply isn’t necessary in the South West and I would vote against any push by Labour to force a national lockdown. This would divide the country, harm our economy and punish people across the South West.

Simon Jupp has just been on Westcountry News saying he has “reluctantly” voted for lockdown but he wants to see improvements in test and trace.

You’re a Tory MP Mr Jupp – if you can’t push for such improvements (and you haven’t because the situation has got worse and worse) just who can?

Owl would have loved to have seen Claire Wright MP having her say on this one!

One thought on “Jupp jumps – predictably

  1. If Simon Jupp had any cohones, he would have voted against the lockdown and not embarrassed himself for shifting any blame away from his boss towards Labour. Shame on him. Looks like we have a Swire clone!

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