‘Warring factions’ at Spectator after Dom’s departure – the fallout spreads

The fallout from Dominic Cummings’s exit from Downing Street has spread out of No10, leading to “warring factions” at the nearby Spectator magazine between the key players’ spouses.

Is anyone following Sasha Swire’s example by keeping a secret diary? Princess Nut Nuts perhaps? Owl very much hopes so.


Mr Cummings’s wife Mary Wakefield, who is the Spectator’s commissioning editor, is said to be “fuming” that her husband left his job as the PM’s chief adviser after a falling out with No 10 colleagues including Allegra Stratton, who is the PM’s new spokesperson.  

The conflict comes because Ms Stratton is married to the Spectator’s political editor James Forsyth, which one colleague said made things “awkward” in the office. Ms Stratton, who started her new role this month, is said to have had a hand in the departure of former comms chief Lee Cain and Mr Cummings last week.

Mr Forsyth wrote a positive blog about Mr Cummings soon after his departure, calling him “one of those rare individuals who has bent the arc of history”, which left Ms Wakefield unimpressed. Mr Cummings was sometimes seen at the Spectator’s office, a short walk from Downing Street.

The well-connected Spectator, once edited by Boris Johnson, has a history of political drama. Editor Fraser Nelson might be planning an online  Christmas party this year.