Devon leader “disappointed” at Tier 2 rating (and calls for more hospital beds)

More crocodile tears.

Owl obviously needs to remind Cllr John Hart of this episode from July 2017 in the County Council Health Scrutiny meeting chaired by Conservative Councillor (former leader of EDDC) Sarah Randall Johnson:

“In a move which prompted jeers and cries of “fix” from the public gallery, Randall Johnson ignored a tabled motion [from Independent Cllr Claire Wright] to halt hospital bed closure plans and instead allow a fellow Tory, Rufus Gilbert, to seize the momentum by kick starting the debate and swiftly proposing the exact opposite.”

Conservative Councillors have gone along with bed closures without lifting a finger until now., plenty of examples in the East Devon Watch archive.

Radio Exe News

The leader of Devon County Council and chair of the county’s Local Outbreak Engagement Board, Cllr John Hart says he’s disappointed that Devon’s not in the lowest tier of covid restrictions, unlike neighbouring Cornwall..

“Devon has done well so far in keeping case numbers relatively low and I would like to thank everyone for their actions during the latest lockdown, so I’m disappointed that we have been placed in Tier 2. It’s even more vital now that we all stick to the guidelines and maintain social distance, wash our hands regularly and wear masks where required so we can get cases down and get into Tier 1.

“And working with MPs and Team Devon partners I will be strongly lobbying the government to provide tailored support for our hard-hit hospitality industry, which is losing out significantly during what’s usually their most lucrative period.

“I’m pleased local shops will be able to re-open in the run-up to Christmas and begin to help our economy recover, but in Devon, hospitality businesses are crucial and they need targeted support.  In the meantime I would renew my appeal to people to stick to the rules to keep themselves and their families and neighbours safe and minimise the pressure on our local health services. 

“I welcome the opening of the Nightingale Hospital in Exeter today but, as Boris Johnson has conceded, the south west still lacks hospital beds and this must be urgently addressed.”

The Director of Public Health Devon (Designate), Steve Brown, said: “Whilst the number of cases across Devon has stabilised, it is clear that the virus is still with us. Local cases were rising when previously in Tier 1 and it has only been through the additional restrictions and efforts of residents, that we are now just starting to see a reduction in cases. Going into Tier 2 now gives us the best chance of continuing to keep a lid on cases or even continuing to bring them down.

“The number of cases still out in our communities remains a real concern, particularly in the working age population and among older people – in workplaces, care homes and other settings where people come together.

“We must not let down our guard over the next few weeks, nor throw caution to the wind over the Christmas period. It would take little for the numbers to start to increase again and for our hospitals to be put under increased pressure, and none of us should want to pay the price for that in a few weeks’ time or in the New Year.”

5 thoughts on “Devon leader “disappointed” at Tier 2 rating (and calls for more hospital beds)

  1. That’s a great quote Roland. We should never forget that our former MP always voted for a schools settlement that left Devon’s children apparently worth less than most others. Even when there was a small gain the bunch at County Hall attempted to grab it back via their school meals outsourcing project, a “coincidental” beneficiary of Sara Randall Johnson’s actions above. Another beneficiary was the former education department officer who had taken over responsibility for outsourcing and was then appointed chief executive of the “partnership” company.


  2. The same Sara Randall Johnson who as EDDC leader spent huge amounts of our money on a conflicted legal action against the Boundaries Commission,. This was highlighted at the time by Private Eye magazine who also pointed out a link with strange and controversial behaviour from her employers Flybe. For some reason the police weren’t interested. She also sacked a fellow Tory cabinet member over a poem in a Christmas card and contributed to her own downfall by posting a spiteful and personal letter in a public place during the campaign when she was unseated by Claire Wright. More recently the county’s tories appointed her to supervise the fire service cuts. Their mission to destroy our public services with her as the figurehead knows no bounds.


  3. “and sometimes in the smoking rooms midst clouds of ers and ums obliquely and by inference illumination comes” (Kipling). Too little and too late from DCC. The NHS in Devon has been screwed right down leaving not a scrap of resilience. A self inflicted wound which no amount of feeble bleating will hide.


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