More profligacy and stupidity: Navy’s new £3.1billion aircraft carrier ‘stranded for six months after flood’.

The newest Navy aircraft carrier is set to be stranded until mid-2021 after a second flood, according to reports.

“It will take months to repair the damage. Costs will run to millions.”

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Georgia Diebelius 

HMS Prince of Wales was reportedly banned from leaving Portsmouth on safety grounds this week after a burst fire main damaged electrics.

The £3.1billion vessel was scheduled to set sail to the US to train with F-35 jets, 12 months after she last travelled.

According to The Sun, thousands of gallons of sea water poured into the vessel’s engine room during the flood.

The incident is said to have seen electrical cabinets submerged under the water for more than 24 hours.

A source said: “It’s embarrassing. The America trip took years of planning and we’ve had to say we can’t come.

“It will take months to repair the damage. Costs will run to millions.”

Miles of cables are now reportedly being assessed for damage in the second incident on board the ship.

In May, water was filmed pouring through a ceiling in the vessel’s living quarters. An incident that the Navy described as ‘minor’.

The Navy insists that the HMS Prince of Wales will still be operational by 2023 as it was scheduled to be, The Sun reports.

Earlier this year, the aircraft carrier caused a row in its home port, as its noisy engines kept locals awake at night.

The ship often runs on its diesel generators instead of power from the base and homeowners over the water said the racket was making life a misery.

One, Neil Sutton, said many were sticking “our heads under our pillows at night” in a bid to get some sleep.

He added: “In this lockdown, why can we not open our windows and enjoy peace and tranquillity?”.

The 919ft, 65,000-ton ship, which can carry 36 planes and four helicopters, remains at Portsmouth Naval Base, Hants.