Atticus reveals MP claims expenses chop-chop

Simon Jupp won’t be too bothered by having his pay rise chopped. He can find other ways to “feather his nest”.

He charged taxpayers for a knife set and chopping board, and even claimed £2.75 for a toilet brush. No doubt to clean the “toilet seats” amongst his Tory councillors.

Gabriel Pogrund  [extract]

MPs have finally had their pay rise cancelled in solidarity with millions of people facing pay freezes or life on the dole.

How fitting, then, that one Conservative MP has charged taxpayers for a knife set and a chopping board. Simon Jupp, 35, who represents East Devon, made the claims (worth £3 and £2.75 respectively) as part of a renovation of his new constituency office this year.

Jupp, a former Tory aide and journalist elected last year, made other purchases from Ikea including: two armchairs (£300); two office clocks (£24); a coffee maker (£19) and a teapot (£5); coasters (£9) and six mugs (£7.50); eight cups and saucers (£20); a vacuum flask for water (£5); a toilet brush (£2.75); a solitary jar (£1.75) and four pencil cases (£4).

Were such investments essential during a pandemic, with many MPs working from home? Jupp says they were, as it’s important constituents “have a place to visit to meet with me and my team to access support”. It’s strange, then, that his website reminds constituents: “During the Covid-19 pandemic I am holding regular weekly surgeries by phone.”

One thought on “Atticus reveals MP claims expenses chop-chop

  1. Until 12 December 2019 the good people of the East Devon parliamentary constituency were represented by Sir Hugo Swire KCMG. Sir Hugo knew how to make claims befitting a man of his status. He claimed £395 for a designer lap top case and £349 for a satnav. How horrified he must be that his successor as MP claimed £2.75 for a toilet brush!


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