Doctors will be paid an extra £10 for every jab they give care home residents

Doctors will be paid an extra £10 for every Covid vaccine dose they give to care home residents or staff, NHS England has said.

Xantha Leatham

GPs will be given the additional payment, on top of the standard £12.58 fee for each jab, to compensate for the ‘additional time and resources’ required to visit patients on site.

A letter sent to all primary care networks by health leaders said they had asked local Covid vaccination services to prioritise care home residents and care home staff to ensure this priority group is vaccinated against Covid-19 as quickly as possible.

It reads: ‘We appreciate the additional time and resources needed to deliver the vaccine in a care home setting, especially at this pressurised time of year. Therefore the NHS is providing an additional supplement of £10 per dose on top of the item of service fee for all vaccines delivered in a care home setting.’

One thought on “Doctors will be paid an extra £10 for every jab they give care home residents

  1. I for one have no problem with this. I know that giving the flu jab can be a time and resource demanding procedure, with an element of financial risk to the practice too-they have to make sure they get enough of the right sort at the right time – and in such homes it will be a time demanding procedure.
    That said, I’d also like to see those of us who may be getting on, even with health issues, but in safe environments be pushed back in priority to allow NHS staff to get vaccine before us.


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