Are we in danger of repeating the same catastrophic mistakes Cathy Gardner is challenging?

Does no-one learn lessons? – Owl

Extract from: Hospitals ‘will be overwhelmed’ by middle of January, Kat Lay, Health Editor [also been discussed on BBC radio]

“…Hospitals are seeking to move patients into care and nursing homes as their beds fill up, prompting fears among residents’ families that the move might seed coronavirus in those settings.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, said: “It’s literally leaving no stone unturned to maximise every single piece of capacity we’ve got in those areas under real pressure.”

However, Diane Mayhew, co-founder of Rights for Residents, said: “The irony is that the reason care and nursing homes have so many ‘empty beds’ is mainly due to the fact that they were wiped out in the first wave with Covid during which many residents lost their lives. It was well reported at the time that patients were being discharged from hospitals without tests.” She said that sending patients from hospitals to care homes was “a disaster waiting to happen”.

Homes are understood to be reluctant to take hospital patients because of increased insurance premiums. A Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said: “No care home should be forced to admit an existing or new resident if they do not feel they can provide the appropriate care.”

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