Judicial Review – New Year message from Dr Cathy Gardner

Update on Help me hold the government to account for Covid-19 care home deaths

Thank you for your support this year. If it wasn’t for your donations, the case would not now be awaiting a trial date. I could not have pushed this case forward without sufficient funds and also the moral support. The comments left on this page show that some donors have also lost loved ones to COVID-19 and I know that Christmas will have been difficult. 

I’m determined to hold this government to account for some of its failings and we should know the court date soon. It’s likely to be in June, although earlier would of course be better.

Too many people have already died and many more are likely to lose their lives before this pandemic ends. Please stay safe and look out for an update soon.


Just a refresher on what happens next, following the permission to proceed to a full Judicial Review:

The government and NHS have to file their detailed evidence by 22ndJanuary 2021 and we then have an opportunity to file evidence in reply. For the first time we will see what the Government’s reasoning was in making some of the disastrous decisions they took – for example the requirement to urgently discharge patients from hospital without COVID-19 tests in March this year.

We expect the trial to take place around April/May next year.

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  1. What are the odds that 22 January comes and goes and the government has failed to file its evidence pleading extenuating circumstances like Brexit or (ironically) Covid-19 lockdown?


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