Can you help spread the word about the ‘Devon 7’

Residents in East Devon are being urged to help populate a map which will show all the support and help people can get during difficult times. 

Daniel Wilkins​ 

After launching seven area-based maps, with the support of Recovery Devon, – including one in East Devon – Community interest Company If Everyone Cares is now looking to populate them with accessible services. 

They are looking for people to spread the word of the ‘Devon 7’. 

The ‘Devon 7’ are part of a growing network of maps that are connected to, a unique national community resource for use at both a UK-wide and local level. 

The project will: 

  • Pin-point local charities, community projects/groups & resources 
  • Connect those who need help to those who provide it  
  • Help anyone experiencing isolation to find local groups so they can connect with others  
  • Signpost people who want to help – to projects that need their support  
  • Enable charities to highlight their services and volunteering opportunities  
  • Make it easy to find, connect, give, collaborate and support – FREE to use 24/7 

The maps also clearly show how up-to-date information is through their unique ‘Traffic Light’ system, and all charities and community-based organisations are invited to create a free profile to help raise awareness of how they help and the help they need. 

Jaki King, Founder of aDoddle and If Everyone Cares CIC, said: “There are so many reasons why bringing this information together is both common sense and vital for people and communities.  

“To make it work we not only need charities and community organisations to create their free profiles, which are easy to do, like a mini-website and give them an opportunity to tell the story of who they help, how they help, the difference they make and the help they need.” 

James Wooldridge from Recovery Devon said: “One of our aims is to nurture and grow a supportive Recovery Community across Devon and working with Jaki King and aDoddle provides a way to connect with like-minded groups and organisations.  

“Linking people with community resources will help many individuals discover their potential to contribute to society as well as providing community organisations with an opportunity to recruit volunteers.” 

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  1. All very interesting but there’s no information on how an organisation can create its free profile.


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