Blue lights on A303 to get the jab on time?

Comment from a correspondent upgraded to a post:

Dear Owl,

I, too, watched Spotlight on the BBC last night and was shocked to hear the reporter say that only 2/3rds of the over 80s of the 10 practises which use the Exmouth Vaccination Centre at the Tennis Club have been vaccinated. This centre has been open since before Christmas so, with very little mathematical skill, it can easily be worked out that the centre will have to dramatically increase its output to vaccinate the approximate 3,000 left in this priority group by the February 15th deadline. And of course there are quite a few over 70s in the area which Boris has promised will be included by that date.

Perhaps the Director of the centre is hoping that the over 80s in Budleigh Salterton that have received letters inviting them to attend Taunton Racecourse will take this kind offer up. This Taunton hub was set up for the people who live within 45 minutes of the hub (mostly in Somerset). If we in BS took up this offer there would be a lot of flashing police blue lights on the A303 as the over 80s tried to complete this journey in 45 minutes. And, remember, they would have to do so again for the follow-up jab. That could be four journeys for an elderly couple.

Why have Devon and Cornwall missed out on a hub?

Kind Regards

A Budleigh Resident

PS There is a new activity in the town – what is the method for choosing those who have already had the vaccine which seems haphazard? Not age, not alphabetical order, not existing conditions, not post codes. Perhaps Doctor’s lists? But I prefer “your mother’s maiden name.”

[Owl understands that patients must take the second vaccination from the same place as the first]