Examples of “essential” journeys: going for kebabs, fish and chips and now

‘Casanova’ fined for travelling to Plymouth to see girlfriend

Lee Trewhela www.devonlive.com 

A man has been issued with a Covid fine after travelling from London to Plymouth … to see his girlfriend.

Posting an emoji of a man facepalming, PC Tom Ottley took to Twitter to say “this is exactly why we are in this situation”.

Posting last night, PC Ottley wrote: “Tonight I’ve issued a Covid fine to a Casanova that decided to ignore all restrictions and travel from London to Plymouth to visit his girlfriend.”

Earlier this week, a father with his kids in the back of his car was around 350 miles into a trip from Exeter to Coventry and back when he crashed his white BMW on the motorway near Portishead, according to Avon and Somerset police.

The family told officers they had made the trip to pick up a kebab, and were on their way home when the smash occurred.

Officers fined the motorist for various offences, including driving with no licence or insurance, and coronavirus breaches.

But he was not the only one. Over the weekend, a group who had travelled from Torquay to Teignmouth to enjoy some fish and chips were caught by police.

Officers said they were having to deal with a surge of rule-breakers in the Teignmouth and Dawlish area carrying out non-essential journeys during this lockdown.

Last week, Devon and Cornwall Police stopped a car with two men inside in Brixham after they noticed it was registered in Wolverhampton.

After learning it had travelled almost 200 miles without a good reason and writing out Covid fines for both, they realised they could smell alcohol on the breath of the driver.

He failed a breath test too and is now facing a potential ban from driving.

One thought on “Examples of “essential” journeys: going for kebabs, fish and chips and now

  1. I emailed Simon Jupp MP about non-essential journeys expressing my view that Johnson’s trip to the new Bristol vaccination centre was both unnecessary and put a lot of people in danger quite unnecessarily. I also drew attention to Johnson’s habit of ‘elbow bumping’ being both dangerous and unlawful as well as setting an awful example. Mr Jupp seemed to think Johnson was showing us he cared- and I was perhaps being a bit party political. Politicians, I submit, should not be carrying out publicity events that transgress the present rules.
    It is widely accepted that Cummings actions led to a negative public attitude towards the covid rules, and thus subsequently to more unnecessary deaths. Dido Harding’s support for Cheltenham races, an event now recognised as a super spreader event, is yet another example of do as I say, not do as I do.
    This morning we saw Matt Hancock in his red room (though the camera angle changed to show people there was a door and end that public debate-seems he has time for such petty considerations) His public image is no more, or less, effective through staying at home.
    No politician should be going out for publicity reasons, especially when doing so puts NHS staff, police and others who have to deal with them, at unnecessary risk. That would be showing they care.


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