Hundreds of volunteers needed for Devon Covid-19 vaccination centres

[Owl is sufficiently “ancient” to have experienced the cheerful and helpful work these volunteers are doing, especially as January and February are the most inclement of months.]

Becca Gliddon 

An appeal has been launched to recruit hundreds of volunteers to help at newly-opened Covid-19 vaccination centres in Devon.

Help in its hundreds is needed, with volunteers sought to cover four-hour shifts at the centres, which are open 12 hours daily, seven days a week.

It is hoped individuals, organisations and community groups will step up and join forces to help with internal and external stewardship.

Days and shift allocation will be arranged to suit volunteers once their applications are processed.

Shifts are likely to be 8am-noon, noon-4pm and 4pm-8pm.

Hundreds of volunteers are needed.

A spokesperson for the volunteer drive said: “Individuals are asked to come forward and volunteer their time, as are community groups and organisations.

“Employers and workplaces are also being asked to consider allowing staff to volunteer where appropriate.”

External stewards are likely to be involved in:

  • Directing people to the appropriate site entrance and directing traffic if necessary, ensuring people respect social distancing guidelines and have all the documentation and paperwork prepared for checking.
  • Checking paperwork to ensure people are in the right place at the right time and identifying those who may require additional support and direct them as appropriate.

Internal stewards will:

  • Ensure efficient flow to and from the vaccination station and effectively communicate with the exit area representatives to avoid congestion.
  • Provide enhanced support to those requiring it – such as those who cannot stand to queue – and ensure that people waiting respect social distancing guidelines.

Those willing to help must fill in an application form hosted on the regional Our Plymouth volunteering website.

See for more details and the application form.

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  1. Why is this being done now? Why haven’t the government had systems in place to have this all set up and ready to roll months ago. We have all been waiting for the vaccine, we should have used the time to set up and test a delivery system. This is so typical of the handling, last minute planing.


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