District council has made ‘huge strides’ – Eileen Wragg

Eileen Wragg, district councillor for Exmouth, writes for the Journal

Eileen Wragg www.exmouthjournal.co.uk

The Democratic Alliance, consisting of the East Devon Alliance, Liberal Democrat’s, Greens and an Independent has been making huge strides forward since becoming the administration at East Devon District Council at the end of May last year.  

We have already begun the Local Plan Review, which plans building development for future years, and which went out for public consultation last week.  

Actions have been taken for local people and visitors to take control over what will happen on Exmouth seafront, long overdue.  

EDDC has pulled out of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) which would have imposed substantial numbers of residential development in East Devon. 

We are now delivering a town centre for the residents of Cranbrook after years of being deprived of one long promised, and a new officer will be recruited to tackle the high priority issue of climate change and the environment. 

Last week, the decision was made to appoint a Mental Health Officers for both Officers and Members, particularly in these difficult times, when we are also dealing with and trying to help our residents who are in need.  

Research carried out by the World Health Organisation and The Health Foundation has found that the impacts on mental health have been considerable, with increased domestic violence and abuse cases, and the effects of stress, anxiety and depression as well as employment problems.  

Good mental health is vital for physical well-being, and as Councillors, we are actively addressing and tackling the issues.  

We have engaged one of our Councillors as the Mental Health Champion for EDDC, Cllr. Tony Woodward, and he has sent around some useful information for anyone who may be suffering any of the conditions contained within this article.  

This can be accessed through the internet https://www.nhs.uk/one you/every-mind-matters/ and https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mindfulness/ 

 I do hope that this will be a help for those who need support, and please stay safe, and help others do the same.