Tory donors, cladding and developers

From today’s Politico newsletter:

“In December, the Guardianreported that a major shareholder in Arconic, the company that made Grenfell’s cladding, donated nearly £25,000 to the Conservative Party in 2017. Elliott Advisors UK, which has a 10 percent holding in Arconic, made donations to the Tories in 2008, 2016 and 2017. Last year, Private Eye revealed that European Land and Property, which put Grenfell’s ACM cladding on the Paddington Walk development in London, donated £200,000 to the Tories. Residents of Paddington Walk were billed £40,000 to have the cladding removed. The Tories have received more than £11 million in donations from property developers since Johnson became PM. That’s nearly a quarter of total Tory donations from July 2019 to March 2020.”