‘Here’s what happened when parish council legend Jackie Weaver took on No10’

An extract from another satire on the Council Meeting of the moment.

Fleet Street Fox www.mirror.co.uk 

*logs on*

The extraordinary meeting of the Not Taking The Blame For Any Of This Committee of Her Majesty’s Government of Handforth Parish Council, Friday February 5, 2021.

Cast: Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Head Girl Priti Patel, and assorted ne’er do wells.

In charge of proceedings: Head of the Be Civil Service and parish clerk with 25 years’ experience, Mrs Jackie Weaver.

Boris Johnson, HERO OF THIS PARISH: Can we start this illegal meeting now?

Offstage, sotto voce : F*** off.

Jackie Weaver: We can start the meeting, Prime Minister, and can I just suggest everyone turn their microphones off.

[Nobody turns their microphones off, someone hits record]…………

Now use this link to read on and see the accompanying images

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