More than 157,000 Devon residents vaccinated so far

“Jumping Jupp Flash” rehearses what we already know as he plays the “Dick Barton” gambit. 

Doesn’t mention the woeful state we’re in: economy, death rate etc. – Owl

Simon Jupp

The vaccination programme only started a few weeks ago and nationally 6,221,850 people have been vaccinated, as I write this. 157,181 people have had the jab in Devon. It’s a remarkable achievement!

 We have an exit plan with the vaccine. Everyday we get closer to lifting restrictions and closer to be able to hug our family once more. As I mentioned in my last column, I want to shed some more light on the vaccination programme here in East Devon.

 The opening of the new NHS regional mass vaccination centre at Westpoint last week highlights the community spirit in Devon. Over 800 people have volunteered to help at Westpoint alongside the staff from the RD&E and Network Rail. I was invited by the RD&E to visit Westpoint and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, including the volunteers who’ve given up their time to help.

 Westpoint will increase the capacity to vaccinate on top of those already being offered at the RD&E, Exmouth Tennis Centre and local GP surgeries. The team at Westpoint are inviting those aged over 75 to book a vaccination. If you get an invite but don’t want to travel, you can still be vaccinated by a local GP service. Please do not worry or contact your GP, they will contact you as soon as they can. Once you have been vaccinated, you’ll still need to follow the restrictions. 

In my mailbox this week, I’ve been alerted to a scam email doing the rounds. This particular scam says that you have been selected for the vaccination on “the basis of family genetics and medical history”. Once you accept the vaccination, they ask for your card details. 

 You will never be asked for your card details to receive the vaccine. It is free of charge for everyone. Please share awareness of this scam with those you know and do contact me if you receive any other scams and I’ll highlight them in future columns. The police are aware of this scam and I hope those behind it are brought to justice.