Exmouth road set for £200k upgrade – exit from Liverton Park

Why was this exit made so small when Liverton Park was first planned? It’s not as if there isn’t enough room. It should have been a condition each time the business park has been expanded. – Owl

Plans to upgrade an Exmouth road junction that is a ‘source of frustration’ have been agreed.

Daniel Clark, local democracy reporter www.radioexe.co.uk

Councillors on East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee supported proposals on Salterton Road at the Liverton Business Park where The Range, Home Bargains, Exmouth’s fire and ambulance station, among others, are based. 

On average 800 vehicles come in or out of the industrial estate every hour, but it is often a bottleneck. Queues sometimes extend to 300 metres.

Jamie Hulland, transportation strategy and road safety manager for Devon County Council which is responsible for roads, said: “This can cause delays to vehicles and is a source of frustration for customers of the park and traders seeking to conduct their daily business. The blue light services, although closest to the access junction, have also expressed concerns about the delays caused by the current junction arrangement and issues with cars parked in the yellow box.

“This minor widening scheme will extend the two lane approach and extend the stacking to enable more traffic to turn left to reduce queues, allows more traffic out, and will reduce the emissions associated with that.

“This arrangement will enable a greater number of left-turning vehicles, which account for approximately one in four vehicles throughout the day, to clear the junction more quickly and reduce the overall queueing and delay. This proposal represents a proportional and cost-effective solution to improve traffic conditions when exiting Liverton Business Park.”

Cllr Richard Scott said that the work would future-proof the site and put the infrastructure in place to allow for future development.

Councillors unanimously voted in favour to improve the junction at an estimated cost of £200,000.

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  1. Why does the exit to Tesco car park have traffic lights but an exit from several retail premises doesn’t? It looks as if the proposals will make no change there.


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